The Ramsgate Butterfly Valley Mvutshini Valley
(Place of the hippo)

"Butterflies have no boundaries and are free to go anywhere they please - Wherever there may be a host plant - eventually there will be the butterfly - who's host plant it is". Dr. DA Swanepoel 1969

Mvutshini Valley also known as The Butterfly Valley Conservancy

Woody Plants of the Mvutshini Valley
Compiled by Tony Abbott - 25.3.03

Tree no. Genus Species Common Name
193.5 Adenopodia spicata spiny plinter-bean
148 Albizia adianthifolia flat-crown
424 Allophylus dregeanus simple-leaved false currant
426 Allophylus natalensis dune false currant
318 Antidesma venosum tassel-berry
422 Apodytes dimidiata whitepear
Asparagus falcatus large forest asparagus
724 Brachylaena discolor coastal silver oak
324 Bridelia micrantha mitzeeri
688 Burchellia bubalina wild pomegranate
708 Canthium inerme turkey-berry
421 Cassinopsis tinifolia lemon thorn
530 Cassipourea gummiflua large-leaved onionwood
113 Cryptocarya latifolia broad-leaved quince
233 Dalbergia multijuga hairy flat-bean
235 Dalbergia obovata climbing flat-bean
430 Deinbollia oblongifolia dune soap-berry
608.1 Diospyros scabrida coastal bladder-nut
610.1 Diospyros villosa hairy star-apple
30.9 Dracaena aletriformis large-leaved dragon tree
314 Drypetes gerrardii forest iron-plum
517.5 Englerodaphne ovalifolia silky fibre-bush
582 Englerophytum natalense Natal milkplum
242 Erythrina caffra Cape coral tree
250 Erythroxylum pictum forest cocaine tree
597 Euclea natalensis Natal guarri
553.2 Eugenia natalitia forest myrtle
48 Ficus burkei common wild fig
49 Ficus burtt-davyi scrambling fig
61 Ficus lutea giant-leaved fig
50 Ficus sur broom cluster fig
485 Garcinia gerrardii forest mangosteen
500 Gerrardina foliosa krantz-berry
463 Grewia occidentalis cross-berry
361 Harpephyllum caffrum wild plum
464 Hibiscus tiliaceus lagoon hibiscus
690 Hyperacanthus amoenus thorn-gardenia
Indigofera micrantha
714 Keetia gueinzii climbing turkey-berry
700.1 Kraussia floribunda rhino-coffee
Ludwigia octovalvis
335 Macaranga capensis mock poplar
310 Margaritaria discoidea common peacock-berry
401 Maytenus peduncularis Cape blackwood
584 Mimusops obovata forest red milkwood
107.1 Monanthotaxis caffra dwaba-berry
481 Ochna natalitia Natal plane
Osyridicarpos schimperianus
517 Peddiea africana poison olive
22 Phoenix reclinata wild date palm
364 Protorhus longofolia red beech
723 Psychotria capensis bird-berry
647 Rauvolfia caffra quinine tree
456.4 Rhoicissus rhomboidea glossy forest grape
390 Rhus natalensis Natal karee
342 Sapium ellipticum jumping-seed tree
566 Schefflera umbellifera mock cabbage tree
496 Scolopia mundii red pear
498 Scolopia zeyheri thorn pear
579 Sideroxylon inerme white milkwood
Smilax anceps thorny rope
Stangeria eriopus stangeria
34 Strelitzia nicolai Natal mock banana
555 Syzygium cordatum umdoni
645 Tabernaemontana ventricosa forest toad tree
733 Tarchananthus camphoratus camphor bush
686 Tarenna pavettoides mock bridal bush
263 Teclea gerrardii Zulu cherry-orange
42 Trema orientalis pigeonwood
698 Tricalysia capensis forest jackal-coffee
699 Tricalysia lanceolata jackal-coffee
300 Trichillia dregeana forest Natal mahogany
503 Trimeria grandifolia wild mulberry
108.1 Uvaria caffra small-fruited cluster pear
261 Vepris lanceolata white ironwood
646 Voacanga thouarsii wild frangipani
253 Zanthoxylum capense small knobwood
254 Zanthoxylum davyi forest knobwood


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