The Ramsgate Butterfly Valley Mvutshini Valley
(Place of the hippo)

"Butterflies have no boundaries and are free to go anywhere they please - Wherever there may be a host plant - eventually there will be the butterfly - who's host plant it is". Dr. DA Swanepoel 1969

Mvutshini Valley also known as The Butterfly Valley Conservancy

Grass List of Mvutshini Valley

No. Scientific Name Common Name
1 Sporobolus africanus Ratstail Dropseed
2 Digitaria velutina Long Plumed Finger Grass
3 Chloris pycnothrix Spiderwed Grass
4 Panicum deustum Broad Leaved Panicum
5 Sporobolus fimbriatus ropseed Grass
6 Melinis repens Natal Red Top
7 Dactyloctenium australo
8 Setaria megaphylla Broad leaved Bristle Grass
9 Ehrharta calycina Common Eurecta
10 Eragrostis cilianensis Stink Love Grass

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From Our Gallery

Welcome to S.A Butterflies

A place for rare butterflies to be and to be protected as they are extremely rare. Only a few have ever been caught - but through our breeding program we have been able to breed over one hundred and have released them back into the wild. Thanks to the dedication of a few who cared for their survival - a very rare butterfly - has been described.