The Ramsgate Butterfly Valley Mvutshini Valley
(Place of the hippo)

"Butterflies have no boundaries and are free to go anywhere they please - Wherever there may be a host plant - eventually there will be the butterfly - who's host plant it is". Dr. DA Swanepoel 1969

Mvutshini Valley also known as The Butterfly Valley Conservancy

Butterfly list of Mvusthini Valley

Butterflies are numbered according to “Pennington's Butterflies of Southern Africa” Second Edition, Struik Publishers (1994). Compiled by Earle Whiteley

No. Scientific Name Common Name
Eurytela vashti vashti (new species) Earle's Piper
Papilio dardanus cenea f. (new form) Earle's Swallowtail
1 Danuas (Anosia) chrysippus aegyptius African Monarch
5 Amauris (Amaura) ochlea ochlea Novice Friar
6 Euchrysops barkeri Barker's Smoky Blue
7 Amauris (Amaura) echeria echeria Chief Friar
8 Melanitis leda Helena Common Evening Brown
10 Gnophodes betsimena diversa Yellow Banded Evening Brown
11 Bicylus safitza safitza Common Bush Brown
18 Bicylus perspicua Marsh Patroller
22 Paralethe dendrophilus dendrophilus Bush Beauty
60 Pseudonympha magus magus Sliver Bottom Brown
67 Colotis (Colotis) auxo auxo Sulphur Orange Tip
69 Dixeia pigea Ant Heap White
73 Stygionympha vigilans Western Hillside Brown
73 Stygionympha vigilans Western Hillside Brown
90 Bematistes aganice aganice Wanderer
90 Bematistes aganice aganice Wanderer
91 Acraea (Acraea) horta Garden Acraea
91 Acraea (Acraea) horta Garden Acraea
93 Acraea (Acraea) neobule neobule Wondering Donkey Acraea
93 Acraea (Acraea) neobule neobule Wondering Donkey Acraea
100 Hyalites (Alacria) igola Dusky-veined Acraea
110 Hyalitea (Hyalites) eponina Dancing Acraea
112 Hyalitea (Hyalites) cabira Yellow Banded Acraea
113 Hyalitea (Hyalites) esebria esebria Dusky Acraea
115 Hyalitea (Hyalites) encedon encedon Common Mimic Acraea
117 Acraea (Stephenia) natalica natalica Natal Acraea
122 Acraea (Stephenia) oncaea Widow Acraea
128 Acraea (Acraea) acara (new sub-species)
136 Acraea (Rubraea) petraea Buettner's Acraea
139 Pardopsis punctatissima Polka Dot
140 Charaxes varanes varanus Pearl Charaxes
142 Charxes candiope candiope Green-veined Charaxes
148 Charaxes brutus natalensis White Barred Charaxes
150 Charaxes druceanus cinadon Silver Barred Charaxes
154 Charaxes cithearon cithearon Blue Spotted Charaxes
155 Charaxes zoolina zoolina Club Tailed Charaxes
161 Charaxes achaemenes achaemenes Bushveld Charaxes
164 Charaxes ethalion ethalion Satyr Charaxes
178 Cymoethoe alcimeda alcimeda Battling Glider
190 Pseudacraea boisduvalii trimenii Boisduval's False Acraea
191 Pseudacraea eurytus imitator False Wonderer
192 Pseudacraea lucretia lucretia False Chief Acraea
195 Neptis saclava marpessa Spotted Sailer
199 Neptis laeta Common Sailer
209 Sallya boisduvali boisduvali Boisduval's Tree Nymph
210 Sallya natalensis Natal Tree Nymph
212 Byblia avantara acheloia Common Joker
213 Byblia ilithyia ilithyia Spotted Joker
216 Eurytela hairbas angustata Pied Piper
217 Eurytela dryope angulata Golden Piper
219 Hypolimnas misippus Common Diadem
220 Hypolimnas deceptor deceptor Deceptive Diadem
221 Hypolimnas wahlbergi Variable Diadem
222 Protogoniommorpha parhassus Common Mother of Pearl
225 Catacroptera cloanthe cloanthe Pirate
226 Precis (Precis) octavia sesames Gaudy Commodore
230 Precis (Precis) ceryne ceryne Marsh Commodore
231 Precis (Precis) archesia Garden Inspector
233 Precis (Junonia) terea elgiva Soldier Pansy
234 Précis (Junonia) natalica natalica Brown Pansy
235 Precis (Junonia) cebrene cebrene Yellow Pansy
236 Precis (Junonia) oenone oenone Blue Pansy
237 Precis (Junonia) orithya madagascariensis Eyed Pansy
240 Vanessa (Cynthia) cardui Painted Lady
244 Lachnoptera ayresii Blotched Leopard
248 Libythea(jera) labdaca laius African Snout
249 Alaena amazola amazoula Yellow Zulu
253 Pentila tropicalis tropicalis Spotted Buff
255 Phalantha phalantha aethiopica Paul's Buff
257 Durbania amakosa f.albescens (red data list) Amakosa Rocksitter
268 Baliochila aslanga Common Buff
284 Lachnocnema bibulous Common Woolly Legs
285 Lachnocnema durbani D'Urban Wooly Legs
313 Thestor basutus basutus Basuto Skolly
319 Iolaus (Argiolaus) silarus silarus Straight lined Sapphire
323 Iolaus (Epamera) sidus Red Lined Sapphire
335 Hypolycaena (hypolycaena) philippus philippus Purple-brown Hairstreak
338 Hypolycaena (hypolycaena) buxtoni buxtoni Buxton's Hairstreak
341 Leptomyrina (Ganatomyrina) lara Cape Black Eye
353 Deudorix (Virachola) dinomenes Orange Playboy
354 Deudorix (Virachola) dinochares Apricot Playboy
359 Myrina silenus ficedula Common Fig Tree Blue
360 Myrina dermaptera dermaptera Lesser Fig Tree Blue
364 Spindasus natalensis Natal bar
443 Aloedesn aranda Aranda Copper
457 Poecilmitis natalensis Natal Opal
503 Crudaria leroma Silver Spotted Grey
509 Anthene definite definite Common Hairtail
511 Anthene lemons lemons Large Hairtail
518 Anthene amarah amarah Black-stripped Hairtail
538 Cacyreus lingeus Bush Bronze
541 Cacyreus marshalli Geranuim Blue
547 Leptotes pirithous Common Blue
552 Lampides boeticus Lucerne Blue
559 Pseudonacaduba sichela sichela Dusky Blue
608 Lepidochrysops patricia Patricia Blue
632 Euchrysops osiris Osiris Smoky Blue
634 Euchrysops malathana Common Smoky Blue
637 Eicochrysops messapus messapus Cupreous Blue
639 Eicochrysops Hippocrates White Tipped Blue
644 Actizera lucida Rayed Blue
646 Zizeeria knysna Sooty Blue
653 Azanus moriqua Thorn-tree Blue
654 Azanus mirza Mirza Blue
655 Freyeria trochylus Grass Jewel Blue
656 Zizula hylax Gaika Blue
657 Pinacopteryx eriphia eriphia Zebra White
658 Colotis electo electo African Clouded Yellow
659 Catopsilia florella African Migrant
660 Eurema (Terias) hecabe solifera Common Grass Yellow
661 Eurema (Maiva) brigitta brigitta Broad-bordered Grass Yellow
663 Eurema (Maiva) desjardinsii mashalli Angled Grass Yellow
665 Eronia cleodora cleodora Vine-leaf Vagrant
666 Eronia leada Autumn-leaf Vagrant
674 Colotis (Colotis) Coast Purple Tip
675 Colotis (Colotis) ione
(very unusual occurrence)
Purple Tip
682 Colotis (Colotis) evippe omphale Smoky Orange Tip
689 Belenois (Belenois) thysa thysa False Dotted Border
690 Belenois (Belenois) zochalia zochalia Forest White
691 Belenois (Anaphaeis) aurota Brown-veined White
692 Belenois (Anaphaeis) creona severina African Common White
692a vii Belenois (Anaphaeis) creona severina f. bouguensis (rare)
693 Belenois (Anaphaeis) gidica African-veined White
694 Dixeia charina charina African Small White
699 Appias sabina phoebe (red data) e/rare Albatross White
700 Appias epaphia contracta Diverse White
701 Pontia (pontia) helice helice Meadow White
702 Leptosia alsesta inalcesta African Wood White
706 Mylothris rueppellii haemus Twin Dotted Border
707 Mylothris agathina Common Dotted Border
711 Papilio dardanus cenea Mocker Swallowtail
711a xii Papilio dardanus cenea f. Trophonius Brown Swallowtail
711a xvi Papilio dardanus cenea f. Cephonius Common Mocker Swallowtail
711a xviii Papilio dardanus cenea f. Natalica Natal Swallowtail
711a xx Papilio dardanus cenea f. Hippocoonides White Swallowtail
711a xxiv Papilio dardanus cenea f. Aikeni Transki Swallowtail
711a xxviii Papilio dardanus cenea f. Leighi Durban's Swallowtail
715 Papilio demodocus demodocus Citrus Swallowtail
716 Papilio nireus lyeaus Green Banded Swallowtail
717 Pailio ophidicephalus zuluensis Emperor Swallowtail
719 Graphium (Arisbe) morania White Lady
721 Graphium (Arisbe) leonidas leonidas Veined Swordtail
721 Graphium (Arisbe) leonidas leonidas
(new form, extremely are)
Earle's Swordtail
722 Graphium (Arisbe) antheus Large Stripped Swordtail
723 Graphium (Arisbe) policenes Small Stripped Swordtail
730 Coeliades forestan forestan Stripped Policeman
732 Coeliades keithloa keithloa Red-tab Policeman
737 Tagiades flesus Clouded Flat
747 Sarangesa seineri durbana Dark Elfin
748 Serangesa motizi Forest Elfin
752 Netrobalane canopus Bluetipped Skipper
754 Caprona cassualalla Kavango Skipper
771 Spialia dromus Forest Sandman
774 Spialia mafa mafa Mafa Sandman
776 Gomalia elma Green-marbled Skipper
781 Metisella metis metis Gold Spotted Sylph
805 Kedestes macoma Macomo Ranger
815 Acleros mackenii Maken's Dart
820 Moltena fiara Sterlitzia Nightfighter
822 Zophopetes dymephila Palm-tree Nightfighter
824 Artitropa erinnys erinnys Bush Nightfighter
838 Pelopidas thrax inconspicua White Banded Swift
841 Borbo fallax False Swift
847 Borbo borbonica borbonica Olive-haired Swift
852 Gegenes niso niso Common Hottentot Skipper
853 Gegenes hottentota Marsh Hottentot Skipper

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